These questions are specific to the Online Business (legal) Toolkit beta 2.0 launch

  • What legal templates are included in the course?

    This is a great question. In this course you will find the following legal templates that you can immediately use in your online business: Privacy Policy (required for all websites); Website Terms of Use (not required, but strongly encouraged); DMCA Takedown Notice (not required, but strongly encouraged); Legal Disclaimers; Website Terms of Sale (encouraged if you are selling products); LLC Operating Agreement (single-member LLC) & More to come!

  • What makes your course and templates different than other templates I can purchase online?

    One of the reason it took me so long to prepare this course is that I had to update and program all of my legal templates for the interview system I have incorporated into the program. When other lawyers sell templates, they typically sell you a word document with some instructions on how to fill out all the blanks, copy and paste certain clauses, etc. What I've done with this course is create an interview for each document that allows you to quickly enter your information, check the box for the situations that apply to your business, and voila, you can download a fully customizable legal template that can be used in your business.

  • Why is this course ONLY $297? That seems cheap for what you are offering.

    You are right - it is cheap. My goal with this beta 2.0 launch is not to make money, but rather to validate my idea to provide a set of legal tools to online business owners, at a fair price, so that they can get their online business set up the right way from day one. In a nutshell, I'm looking for customers who can take a test-drive through this course, and tell me what they like and don't like, so that I can iterate and make it even better. Rest assured, $297 is the cheapest this course will ever be.

  • So... is the price going to go up?

    Yes. The current pricing will stay in place until registration closes at midnight on June 30th. The price will increase drastically during the next launch. The final price for this course will be in the $500-$1,000 range.

    By investing in this Beta 2.0 launch of this course, you are investing in me and my idea of what I think this course can become. As a result, you will have access to this course for as long as I support it. When the price goes to $500 - you will still have access. When the price goes to $1,000 - you will still have access. If and when I switch to a monthly subscription model, you will still have access.

  • Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

    First of all, how can you say you won't like it? ;)

    We will offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee to anyone who completes the course (including attending all coaching calls) and does not feel that their business is better-off legally than they were when they started.

  • What else will be included besides templates?

    My goal is to make this an all-in-one resource for online businesses. So I want to give you the legal templates you need to protect your business, but I also want to give you some tips and guidance on how to use them.

  • Will you do group coaching calls?

    YES. But only for the people that purchase during the launch period that will run until the end of June. There will be 4 group coaching calls beginning on Thursday, July 2nd. These calls will be used to review the materials in the module released during the corresponding week as well as the templates provided. I will also give general legal tips and guidance. Legal advice will NOT be provided on these calls, however.

  • If I purchase the course, are you my lawyer? (i.e. can I ask you legal questions)?

    When you purchase this course - you are NOT hiring me as a lawyer, and I will not answer any legal questions related to your specific questions. To get specific legal advice, you will need to hire me as your lawyer.

  • I live in [insert your state], will this course still work for me?

    The course covers general legal concepts and does not provide any state-specific legal advice.